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Stream Tables: From Rocks to Soil to Engineering Solutions: Grades 3-5 
The Stream Tables unit begins with an immersion in the interactions of water, soil, and the environment. Students uncover the dynamics of rivers, streams, land, and water forms. The hallmark of this study is the engineering design component. Students build dams, explore culverts, control erosion, and "save the beach." Students learn that humans cannot eliminate natural hazards but can take steps to reduce their impact." (NGSS)
Under the Sea: An Interdisciplinary Marine
Science Study: Grades K-2

Under the Sea is a highly motivating, interdisciplinary study that promotes hands-on, discovery learning, and inquiry in science. Natural links to NGSS, literacy, and art make for an unforgettable teaching experience. Immersion in literature is followed by a field study to a local beach at low tide to collect creatures that will become part of a classroom touch tank and be observed over time. 
Structures and Bridges: Grades 5-6
An ideal Maker Space unit, Structures and Bridges: 5-6 features construction challenges, integrated physics lessons, and independent design. The unit aligns with NGSS and Maker Space research focused on efforts in construction on design problems. Each design problem includes constraints, requires students to collaborate in teams, build with a defined set of materials, and finally to evaluate and improve the designs. Students learn independent thinking skills, the value of personal initiative, flexibility in approach, resilience, and confidence. 
Marvelous Molecules I and II
This unit of study evolved over time in many classrooms of curious children. The strength of the study is its emphasis on inquiry and discovery. The experience of working with solutions of varying densities naturally leads to "uncovering" molecular behavior. Deepens and extends the Marvelous Molecules experience that illustrate through vivid demonstrations the behaviors of liquids and gases (click photo to watch the video in a new window). 
Embryology: From Egg to Duck/ From Egg to Chick: Grades K-2
Hatching ducklings or chicks can be one of the premier life cycle experiences in the classroom. Teachers use related literature to engage students, study structures in an egg, manage students as they tend fertilized eggs in the incubator, candle (look through the shell with light to observe the growing embryo), and observe first hand the unforgettable miracle of the hatch! Scientific diagrams and writing are emphasized. The adorable ducklings and chicks naturally inspire students to create stories, poems, and art.
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